Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Princess Moments... and the boys. ;)

Liv and D received a package in the mail on Monday and Liv immediately asked, "is it my SLEEVES?" And it was, lol. Bonnie sent her some Cinderella gloves, necklace, and purse to go with her Cinderella outfit, and as you can see, she was thrilled!

The whole outfit. :)

Classic Olivia.

Such a sweetheart. :)

[The newest mark on her upper left cheek is from Duncan
tail-whipping her with her plastic "Littlefoot" dinosaur.
These kids... I swear, it's like reruns of WWE over here.]

Andrew came over to play cars with Duncan. :)

My handsome cheeseball, lol.
Doesn't he look SO much like Daniel here, lol? :)
Chester Cheeto grins.

And what would a Princess Moment post be without a video?

And please, for the love of all that is holy, ignore the mess and Duncan's disfigured hot dogs in a bowl. When friends come over to play cars, we make messes and Mommy has to leave them that way until children are distracted and she can at least put all cars, toys, blankets, etc. out of the way for a few minutes, lol. :)


Grma Bonnie said...

Livy said, "Grandma Bonnie are my sleeves coming?" "I think they are in the mail!"
Livy finally got the "sleeves"! She calls the gloves sleeves, how cute is that? They are Cinderella gloves! I'm so glad she was thrilled to receive them. It was Grandma Bonnie's pleasure!