Friday, September 28, 2007

could she be any cuter? [the results]

[and no, Mom, I did not cut her hair]

who said curlers aren't cool?

After her bath this morning Olivia didn't want to brush her hair with the real brush, she wanted "the baby brush", aka the brush that doesn't brush her hair. You know, one of those newborn hair-mover brushes that does nothing but make a brand new mom feel as if she's "doing her part"? (Yes. I have one. :-P)

So, she proceeds to look in her hair drawer where we keep all the bows and etc. and pulls out the bag of curlers, "We can do THESE instead!" I agree and we sit down to roll them in.

Well, as usual, three curlers in she's DONE, doesn't want anymore, and is terribly grumpy. So, remembering her saved sucker from after dinner last night I bribe her to sit still for just a minute so that we can finish and take pictures for all the Gmas that would love to see them. :-)

She says, "Okay, but we have to Dora's hair too, momma."

So here they are...

Regardless of the sucker offer... still grumpy.

Thinking about smiling...

Facial response to:
"Liv, don't you want your sucker?"

These next ones are Olivia's way of trying to get yet another sucker.
"See how silly, Momma?"

Enjoy. :-)

Friday, September 7, 2007

a must-have

who woudn't want this t-shirt, rrrr?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sweet babies... :-)

Had to post these cuties. :-)

Liv & D actually being NICE to each other! ;-)