Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the new do :-D

Liv's Birthday Cake

Liv made her own birthday cake this year with some help from Momma. :-)
[excuse the glazed over runny nose look, poor girl was sick.]

Our last beach trip

No... don't even ask what she took out of her mouth and put in his. I have no idea and, quite frankly, I really don't want to know...

Duncan playing in the water. :-)

Engagement Photos

These are the proposal photos that I have. The others are on a friend's camera that I've desperately been trying to get from her - I'll definitely post them once I get them in my hands. :-D For the mean time...

How he proposed @ the Rose Garden :-D

Right after. (Photo courtesy of Nic)

Some of our favorite engagement shots:

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A few airport favorites <3

Livy & Cam

"Livy Creations" and watching TV with Dunc :-D

"Livy Basketball"

The artist :-D

Some fun drawings (these courtesy of Mommy)

Livy toothbrush, lion, sucker, bee, elephant, eggs,
butterfly, giraffe, and of course - Livy toast. :-D

Dunc & Liv

Heaven forbid we sit that close to one another for too long... :-P



'Nuff said.

happy fluffy bums

Our shipment of diapers came from Lindsay and we tried a few on for fun, just to show. :-D Here's Duncan in a fitted.

Butt shot - of course. ;-)

Liv is very... uhmm... excited? about her new Dora cover for nighttime. :-D

Another Duncan "fitted" shot.

Happy [Beatles] Birthday Mommy//Duncan

There was a lap in photos from January to the middle of February
because our camera was with Cameron in Utah.
Can't take photos from that far away, lol.

Here's Duncan getting ready to try on his new PJs.

Part of his [and my] gift from Papa & Gma Tanya were
these Beatle shirts for the kids! AHH! How cool is that! :-D

Duncan sporting Dino PJs. ;-)

Here's Duncan's little home party. :-D

[can't find the photos... I'll have to post them later.]

Good Morning Sunshine//Leaving for Home

Interesting look I have going, eh? :-P
[it was early...]

A shot for the last time. :-D

Everyone bundled up to go home... :-(

Temple #2

Here we are @ the Jordan River Temple - excuse the casual dressing. We had to come back and get photos; the first time we were there I didn't have a jacket with me and I was FREEZING. So rather than stand in Cam's jacket looking silly for a photo we hurried inside and decided we'd take photos another time. :-P

will it EVER be finished?

Oh my... it seems this may never end. When it comes to me, photographs, and archiving - the task is endless. I'm three weeks away from officially finishing my transcription program and moving to Utah... and, believe it or not, 61 days away from being MARRIED! AHH *pulls out hair* so much to do in SO little time. :-D We'll make it though. So here, again, is to the beginning of attempting to unload and finish//get caught up with all of these photos.

Loves <333