Sunday, May 20, 2007

Visiting the Visitor's Center in Salt Lake

Riding on Cammie's shoulders. :-)

Salt Lake Temple

The beautiful Christus

Lil' Family Shot :-D

There weren't very many photo opportunities,
so I decided to be resourceful and made my own stops...
like the stairs... here's Liv. :-)

Cam & D on the other stairs next to us.

The Kids & Mommy

Cammie & Livy <3
Another family shot. :-)

Bountiful Temple

Temple #3 off of our checklist: Bountiful Temple

Just another pretty shot... :-)

Cameron & me in front of the temple.
We had a man take the photo for us, it's a little crooked. :-)

Playing at Cammie's house

Uhm... yeah. Liv & Jordan

Cuddling with Jordan. :-D

Not sure what we're doing here - trying to match it looks like, heh.

As you can see both Jordan & Olivia were set on staying on the beanbag that night.

Trying to cuddle with Cammie... not really what we had in mind... :)

What a blanket hog! :-D

Date w/ Cam @ Applebee's in the Gateway Mall

Cameron coughing at the check. Is that a bad sign?

Outside in the Gateway Mall

chillin' with the Camster [aka, weird title using Brinsley language]

Mommy studying Medical Terminology... yay for Winter... break?

Duncan. Sitting. Pretty much all he did those days. :-)

Olivia learning "The Way of the Church Ball". :-D

Me, again, more homework. Looking for Medical eponyms online... fun... I didn't realize that I looked like such a DORK when I studied.

Christmas with the Wagners

[Pardon the tootsie-roll lips throughout this post - she was enjoying some Christmas candy.] ;-)
Liv on Cam's lap with her Itsy Itsy Bratz doll from Danine & Bruce.

Livy with her candy cane bear! [from Danine & Bruce]

The beautiful blanket Danine crocheted for Olivia. She made one for each of us - they're just gorgeous!

How do you get Duncan to stay still for a photo? Give him something soft (beautiful blue blanket) and food. :-D [blanket from Danine & Bruce]

The first encounter of D and his teddy, it was given to him by Danine & Bruce. [I forgot how nice and clean and shiny it once was. That poor teddy is SO loved. Bow gone, been through the "teddy bath" a few times - but definitely loved.] :-)
Mommy's blanket! [still! so pretty!]

Some fun glasses in a gift bag from Jennifer & John. :-D

Duncan sporting his glasses, haha. :-D

Kyla & Livy's aprons

I pieced these together from some gingerbread fabric I had in my stash. The panel is a "Grandma's Gingerbread" recipe panel, super cute. The girls are about a week apart and became buds as soon as they met. :-) We can't wait to move closer to everyone!

Of course - there always has to be some factor in child photos. This time we had quite a few - the lighting was great but we were sitting on the wrong side of it all, so the photos are massively washed out, but still cute. The aprons were pretty quick to make since they were so tiny but piecing everything together took a few minutes to figure out.

Silly Kyla had her fingers in her mouth [honestly, I'm amazed Liv didn't have hers in her own, as well] and Liv just kept giving me this deer in the headlights stare. That's what you get for putting aprons on two 2-year-olds in a room of 20 people and telling them to put their arms around eachother... and POSE. Ha, yeah right, Mom.

I made Kyla's a pinch longer, as she's a pinch taller than Liv. This is about as close of shot as I got that shows the pleats up front and cute little body shots of the two of them. But of course - they're expressions [giggle] are just hilarious. Oh well, they're still cute. :-D

Cameron's BYU apron

Cameron wanted an apron after I finished the aprons for Danine (his mom), Livy, and Kyla (his niece) for Christmas. So we down to the Jordan Landing Walmart and this is what he picked. :-)

The next day, while he was at work, I whipped this up...
He's so proud of it. Loves it. And I am too! We used two yards and it was interesting drafting a pattern for a man who's 5'10" versus me, a woman who's 5'2"... LOL, it was quite a difference. But I altered and messed around with my normal melissa-made apron pattern to make it more manly - it all worked out.

A shot of the pocket. Since the print was so busy I decided to match it right on and it worked perfectly. I doubled the top stitching to add a bit more to it. I'll definitely be making more of these. :-D He needs a print with veggies and knives on a cutting board or something. Because -duh- he's my chopper when we cook together. :-D

This bib was made with the remainder of the yardage. We used almost the full two yards for length - makes me feel REALLY short - but there was enough for a matching bib for Duncan.

Double Date with Bettyna & Patrick

The Salt Lake Temple

Bettyna & Me :-D

Cameron & Me

My attempt to get a shot of Cam where he's actually smiling.
It didn't work.

Another shot of the Salt Lake Temple

a couple o' cuties

D with Cam's "home ec" basketball :-D

Goofball after dinner. :-)

Christmas with Gma Cole

Livy's new doll from Gma

Duncan's Winnie the Pooh figurines from Gma :-D

Mini quilt from Gma for the new dolly!

Thank you Santa! [erm... suuure. Santa, yeah that's it.] ;-)

Such a cute little profile - cheeky baby.

The vibrating puppy - a HUGE hit!

"Ahhhhhhhh." D loving the puppy, while vibrating, of course. :-)

Olivia fell in love with the Nativity that Gma gave me for Christmas.
Here she is first with:
"Aww, look at the baby Jesus, Momma.
Momma, take a picture, momma."

"Hi baby Jesus!"
[she's VERY dramatic, lol]