Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I call DO OVER.


PS: Today's side blurbs will all be older photographs... just as a little blast from the past. Keep tuned in for tomorrow...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Today's plan...

  • get out the Dora table for the kids
  • take over the dining room table for me and scrap stuff
  • get some wedding photos done!
  • cover the spaghetti jars for chipboard?
  • sweep and mop kitchen and dining room (k, that's first)
  • after lunch, try a movie with kids
  • puzzles and a project at some point
  • clean up kids room
  • clean upstairs bathroom
  • at least 1 load of laundry
How's that for a boring blog? :)

Friday, July 25, 2008


I never really noticed until after we got cable, how suddenly commercials become a way of life, lol. I've always had no cable, just nice public access PBS type stations and the networks of course. So my kids were always watching PBS, Sesame Street, Caillou, etc.

Then we got cable.

Olivia can RECITE commercials.

She's constantly telling me, "Mom we can't take a bath in the tub because if there's scoap scum then there's germs and we need to clean it." CONSTANTLY.

One of our excuses at the grocery store is, "it's not on sale." For us, that's the best answer we have because it's rare that we do buy something that's not on sale. So even silly things, like Clorox cleaner or name brand poptarts - you name it... we don't even buy poptarts! But Liv sees it on the shelf and suddenly blurts out in the store "Mommy, are we just not buying it 'cause it's not on sale?" I'll try to explain that we like other brands or generics, etc. better or that we don't need 14 different kinds of poptarts when we just ran out to pick up some onions and still... she'll shrug her shoulders and say "Yeah, Dunky. It's just not on sale. We only need the onions."

Way to make mom feel like a HOMELESS person, lol.

But lately, the newest "I want..." "I want..." are these:

They are very cute - Liv likes the Elmo ones and Duncan likes the Cookie Monster ones. Honestly I can't blame them! They're on the spendy side though, being NewBalance and all, but OH so cute. Even the insoles, lol.

Just cracks me up... I never realized how much commercials do suck you in to things like that. When I was a kid, no way they sucked me in, right? But now - WOW, having my own kids definitely shows me the power commercials have over them, lol. And we don't even watch very much TV! Afterall, they have to cram as many commercials in during each television show just in case you really are only going to watch THAT show.

Ahh... modern living.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In an effort...

...to drag myself away from this beautiful series and deem myself a Lallybroch Lady before I reach the end, I ventured into some more creative endeavors (as if imagining the ruggedly handsome Jamie Fraser wasn't creative enough!) and have had a lot of fun making these two little critters for the kids.

Liv's is going to be finished any minute after I stop typing, only needing a nose and maybe some detail on the ears... perhaps a bow. I found the pattern through "Motherhood for Dummies", a fellow mom-blogger's blog and she linked us all to Martha Stewart and this pattern. You can see Duncan and his new black puppy in the Etsy Newbies section to the right side of this post, and once Olivia has been allowed to leave her room (don't ask) I'll hopefully get a semi decent, non-Chester-Cheeto photo out of her before too long.

I put a book on hold at the Kearns Library, In Stitches by Amy Butler, that a book group I've recently joined it reading. I had no idea Amy Butler had books out but I suppose that just about everyone does now a days. Anywho, I'm excited... even though it's the JULY book and I'm STILL waiting for it to arrive... today being the 23. I guess I'll just have to balance a few books at a time, oh darn. ;)

I also need to get movin' on my wedding album again since it's going to be November before I know it! It hailed and rained a LOT yesterday and really sort of gave me an earning for November. It wasn't until I LFET Oregon that I realized how much I miss that rain. And at the same time, not even the rain, but the jacket weather. I'm definitely going to find myself a lovely jacket for jacket weather. Hopefully we'll get some this year. :)

Well... must be off. I've got appointments next week and then our Anniversary trip on the 1st weekend in August, plus we've got to find out if we'll need to leave way earlier from Park City then planned, or who knows, lol. Isn't it always the best laid (and early made) plans that seem to go haywire? Ahh... such is life. :)


That's right Scooter, didn't forget you! It's coming quick!

I think that my favorite thing beyond Brinsley's wide eyed Tweety-bird look (on the left), is my mom's wonderful Nordstrom nightgown, adorned with Nordstrom charge cards of course!
Ahh, the good ol' days. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

fun new things.

Surfing the web this morning while the kids finish their snack of "fruit bars" I happened upon a shop called boygirlparty. SO fun. SO much cute stuff! I ordered a letter pad adorned with the sweetest little birds and polka dots, and was oh so tempted by these recipe cards - look at the Cat ones too! Holding the knife with her tail! Haha.

I've been racking my brain trying to decide what to get people this year for gifts. Our families are very different in ages especially. Cameron's family draws names, both the adults, and the kids - depending on who wants to be involved. My family, we're really in a weird spot because Dan's on his mission, Dillon's at school and probably will be on his mission before I know it, and the rest of the girls are really all too young to be "adults" and on their own spending their own money on each other. I figure, at this point we'll draw names with Cam's family and I'll do mine. My sisters, all 4 of them, still enjoy fun little gifts and now that I'm in a normal, non-suffocating relationship, with a little dough of my own too - haha, it's fun to actually be able to shop for my family! I haven't been doing birthdays this year, and I don't think I will past cards, but hey - maybe next year. But Christmas for sure.

Anywho, I've been looking. PS: Girls... up for suggestions as well! ;)

I already have an idea for Mom's Christmas gift, just not sure if it's the right one. I'm obviously ordering everything super early since we'll be there, this year, at Thanksgiving time. With higher prices and COMPLETE loss of trust with the post office, I'd much rather get my gifts and then take them, with my person, in my vehicle, to Oregon myself.

It'll be an early Christmas, I think they'll get over it. :D

Meanwhile, I do need to get into gear with some more ideas for my shop. I feel like I've been lazy with it, but I think it's more of a lack of inspiration. I have some ribbon I've hardly touched and have been considering some new looks and types of bows... keep updated, if you wish, with the Etsy Newbies section and let me know what you think.

Possibly more later... I have yet to do the kids' newsletters for this month - laaazzzzy! But I will, I'll get to it!

Just 11 days until anniversary trip to Park City with Hubbs! Horray! And then it'll seem like SECONDS until Brin arrives! ;)


ETA: And if it wasn't enough... the artist, Susie Ghahremani, of all the above... also has a band. Snoozer. Here's the myspace page to hear her music. I like "Winterclothes". :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

ohh, Charlie.

I needed a good laugh. Maybe you did too?


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Duncan's first stitches.

They're not as bad as it would seem I suppose, for a long fall and landing right on the sharp corner of a small dresser at the bottom... well, it could have been worse. Like in his eye. Oh my.

Here are some shots I took yesterday before we headed to the Doctor's office to get them taken out.

Such a sweetie. He's doing well though, all adjusted. :) And...

no more bunk beds. ;)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ahh... life.

So yeah.

I never updated. Shame on me. BUT - now I actually have some things worth saying, lol.

First - Curtis & Angela (Cam's sister) have entered a "Why I Should Get This Scholarship" video for Curtis going back to school and who does it star? None other but the most adorable and charming Zachary. :) SO sweet! Here's the link, it's free and quick to sign up and vote for him, so DO it! You know you want to. Who could resist the baby reasoning?

Zachary's Film Debut ;)

So click it! NOW! Seriously the baby lust is just lingering in the air. I can feel it...

Secondly... some more cute photos:

Just in case you haven't gathered it yet... this was the Thursday before the 4th of July and the kids were SO happy that they were testing the sprinklers during the day again. They hadn't been on in ages, as you can see by the beautiful shade of grass we now have covering our front and back yard. Pleasant. But they had fun. :)

These photos are from our most recent Zoo trip, we got to ride the CHOO CHOO! Duncan was very excited and he was happy to be anywhere near the REAL train, let alone ride on it.

Grammy Victor sent him his outfit, she made it for him special - he calls it his "crackor shirt and crackor PANTS" outfit. Yes, just like that.

Playing at the playground... (Still @ Hogle Zoo)

Duncan has a very strong grip. Cameron enjoyed getting him to hold on to the rings and then quickly stepping away for me to take the photo. Ahh... men.

He later informed me, unfortunately, that while I had taken Liv to the Ladies' Room he had done the same thing but, put him on the rings, left him there, walked around the front to take a picture HIMSELF with his camera phone. Luckily the anxiety wasn't as real as if I had been standing there counting the inevitable bodily injuries myself.

And of course, Cameron's favorite Zoo photo.
The one without him in it.

(Why do I wear the same thing almost everytime we go to the Zoo?
No idea. I'll have to make a mental note of that.)

Speaking of injuries - my boy had his first 3 stitches last night. He climbed up into his sister's bed (they have bunks and he's finally learned to climb up) and somehow managed to fall off and smack his head on the corner of the small chest of drawers by their bed. Needless to say the bleeding stopped but the massive hole (okay, it was a nice puncture wound from a sharp corner, Y-shaped, about a half of an inch HOLE) was gaping and I knew we'd need to go in.

Danine came over to watch Liv (THANK YOU! :)) and we headed out to an after hours-insta care place in West Valley and they stitched him up with three stitches. Pictures later as he's napping right now but he's doing just fine and hasn't even tried to mess with the stitches. Tough kid.

Well, that's all for now. Perhaps more photos later including the 3-stitch-wonder. :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I'm terribly sorry. It's been over a week and I am thoroughly guilty of not updating. I've been through a spin of things at home including a wave of exhaustion that I swear is from so much sun. My wee Oregonian spirit is enjoying it but, it does suck the energy out of me quickly.

I'm also horribly lost in the writings of yet another author. Diana Gabaldon - Outlander. Lovely book. This is day three and while I can't remember what exact page I'm on, I know I passed quickly by page 444 this late afternoon. Oh my... lost in a book.

Updates tomorrow during quiet time perhaps... no promises. I'll try. :)