Sunday, February 4, 2007

Candy Cane Girl :-D

Miss Olivia in her Candy Cane PJs

"Momma, I got my cup, all by myself."

So proud.

Doing something the Aunties taught her? Not sure what... but...

Doing the robot?

What a doof. ;-)

And of course, after her begging, I agreed to record her "message" to Cammie. See if you can find the message, cause I couldn't, lol. :-D

More playing at Gma's

more fun...

Christmas tree shot, Liv trying to run and hide. :)

One of my FAVORITE shots of Duncan this vacation. I just love it! :)

Little Slugger head on... :)


Some first steps. :-)

What a walker!

Playing at Gma Cole's Apartment

Just some shots of us playing. :)

Cameron & Duncan

Escaping! :)

Gma & Livy

Beltin' out some tunes ;)

A common occurrence at our house:
Liv getting ready to jump on, and annoy, Duncan.

Our first full day in Salt Lake [and Manti]

Saturday was our first full day in Salt Lake. We drove out to Manti to go to the Manti Utah Temple so that I could receive my Endowment. :) It was so much fun! On the way there, we were stopped because a FedEx truck and trailers (2 or 3, can't remember) was across the highway due to the snow that was starting to come down. At that point I was beginning to wonder if I was going to have to walk to Manti. But no, I laid down for a nap, we started moving and we got there in time.

Daniel took a shot of Cam and me in front of the temple.

Cameron took a shot of Daniel and me in front of the temple. :)

More scenes. :)

After the temple, we all met up at Ruby Tuesdays in Jordan Landing.
Here's a lovely shot of moi.

Olivia being used as a camera shield.
(Phhft, Cameron being camera shy.)

Daniel took this one.
In the background you can see Gma smiling,
Aunt Laurie and Leisa (cousin) smiling and of course
Lil' D, with what I think is a
"Aunt-Laurie-gave-me-soda" face. :)

Visiting Grammy & Pa in McMinnville

Before the kids and I left for Salt Lake City,
we made a stop at Grammy & Pa's house!
(My Grandma & Grandpa Victor)
Grammy made my temple dress and Christmas outfits for the kids.
Here is Liv in her dress and some shots from while we were there. :)Liv in her Christmas dress from Grammy. :)
[note the wonderful mismatched socks, great job Mommy]
Liv being a cheeseball
Duncan with his Christmas Bear & Pa

Livy and her Christmas Bear :)
Telling Grammy (who bought her the bear) that
"this is my Christmas Bear, Grammy."

Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Thank You For Aunt Laura

Opening the blankets from Aunt Laura! :) The kids loved them!

Olivia and her "Hey Diddle Diddle blanket" [she named it] ;)

Duncan and his Winnie The Pooh blanket :)
Thank You Aunt Laura! We love you!

Duncan's Antique Highchair

Here's Duncan on "Christmas" eating with Papa.
Check out Gma Tanya's cool new antique highchair!
So much more "chic" than Fisher Price...
I want one.

[Dad's no longer in Peanuts. We've seen his head. Hi, Dad.]
Giving that no-smile antique pose. Such a good little baby. :)
One of Papa's HUMONGOUS bites. ;)
Aww, I see baby toes. :-D

In the office down the hall...

My sweet girl - growing up so fast.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Duncan @ Papa's

So I sort of skipped over Christmas with Papa & Gma Tanya.
Things were a bit crazy this Christmas,
as we had over six sessions of opening presents.
But here's Duncan's present from Papa & Gma this year. :)
Papa helping unwrap.
Dad is suddenly an adult in the cartoon "Peanuts".
I don't think we've seen his face once...?
Auntie Tessa made Lil' D a seatbelt. :)