Thursday, February 1, 2007

Who knows...

...when I'll ever finally get photos posted on here. I got hooked on MySpace who knows how long ago but now... I don't know. No interest now. It's boring, but I still need somewhere to vent and DUH post photos. :) The Salt Lake trip is STILL not done. Oh well. Here's a start. ;)

[1] First is Liv - we're on our way to get on our plane for Salt Lake. Can you tell I had to wake her up to get her ready? So pretty and purple and in her new coat and hat. Heh :)
[2] Here's Liv & Papa looking at planes. Livy has never been on one before [or Duncan for that matter, who won't sit still for a photo at ALL] so Papa shows her our plane coming in. :) Such a nice Papa. ;)


Cameron said...

Liv looks so happy in that photo. You should have told her you were coming to see me.