Monday, May 12, 2008

my mother's day.

And why am I showing you this wonderful new table with a fresh vase of beautiful red roses on it (from Cam)? Because...

Sunday was Mother's Day! (PS: You should have already been aware of that fact.)

We had a good day, not wonderful due to children in Sacrament, but good. :) Church was at 9, got home and Cam sends me inside alone. Any of you with children know that not only do you ever not get to leave in a car alone, come inside the house after being in a car without chickens tagging along behind, or arrive inside alone to find yourself STILL alone... amazing, isn't it?

So I was a good wifey and argued with him, saying just because it was Mother's Day didn't mean I couldn't help Liv out of her seat and walk to the door with her. He insisted, I listened and secretly cleaned like a mad woman once I got inside. I'm sure he meant for me to relax but everything was so close and not where it was supposed to be and if he was going to take pictures I wanted it to look good (which he didn't, sorry, I was crying anyway, wasn't a pretty sight). I did everything in my power not to unload the dishwasher while I waited, and before they came in I actually sat still on the couch for a few minutes waiting.

Well, they came in with cards. :) Olivia had written "Mommy" with a heart on the front of one of them and the other was from Cam. How cute are these?

Cameron's was funny and I had to share the inside. :) Daddy ran to get the gift they had for me and we waited downstairs. This is the COOLEST gift, I absolutely love it.

This was one of the gifts, he bought me the set but the one was out of stock. Darn you, Amazon! So it's on its way! I'm so excited for it to arrive as well!

Here's the inside flap and first page with a COOL layout sketch ruler. It allows you to scale down to the correct size for your layouts and sketch ideas in the back of the book. So cool. (Next to the book are the "wooden" roses that Mom (Cameron's) gave to all of her daughters/dils that were moms.) :)

As an example as to what it does - she sketches out ideas that you can use in your own scrapbooking. Such as titles. At the end of each chapter she has a couple pages, one is a fold out, where she pairs sketches with examples of real layouts using those ideas and sketches. It is SO much fun! I can't wait to get myself back to a real schedule during the week so I can scrapbook more. :)