Saturday, May 10, 2008


Duncan and Olivia will be getting bikes this year right around the time of Liv's birthday. She'll get a new big girl bike, a 16", and Duncan is getting a new bike as well, a 12", since he doesn't have one to begin with, lol. They we so cute when we went to go try out the sizes and see the different bikes. They both did very well. Duncan got his helmet and "pads" set in Buzz Lightyear. They were on sale for $9.96 for the whole set!

Yes, Daddy's shoes are about as big as Duncan, lol.

He wanted to call Papa to "show him" his "Luhbye" but since it was only 8am here, I figured Papa wouldn't be awake @ 7am, especially since I was almost 100% positive that they would be sleeping in. (Heck, I would be.) So we recorded this instead. But of course, camera went on, and who turns into a deer in headlights?

Bike photos coming in June... :)