Thursday, May 8, 2008

bad timing

This post is merely for my own pleasure because I decided to revamp my page. Which of course takes QUITE a while when this page doesn't make me any revenue and I don't pay someone to do these things for me. Therefore, rather than "HUM... I want a new page. *BLINK* Oh good! Done!" it's more like "CURSES BLOGGER I HATE YE BLOODY GUTS!" because it takes me quite a while and a few moments to ignore the two children playing tag, one full decked out in Princess gear with her My Little Pony panties showing through. Ahhh, life.

All right, well hopefully this has pushed my fat post (the one with the video of "Selfish Jean" it WILL rock your socks right off, if you're wearing any, and you MUST watch it.) down far enough that I can see my correct spacing and debate with myself whether or not to shrink the family photo to have a more unified column, or to do many many other things which will most likely drive me insane.


PS: For those of you interested in giving me revenue, all donations are gracefully accepted @ ;)