Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our new beds!

On our trip to IKEA on Saturday to seek out a new table, we also finally got new bedding for the kiddos. We were originally planning on a different set for each of the kids from the BARNSLIG line but these sets were $5 less each and included a flat sheet. So since there were still from the BARNSLIG line and matched perfectly, we went with these. Here are the kids modeling their new sets (and matching $0.49 animals, lol).

Dunky and his "neeeeiiiiigh, nEEEEIIIIIgh!"
also known as an elephant that a 2-year-old thinks is a horse.

Uhh, Liv being weird with her hair. Also shown, her pink hippo. :)

Yeeeah... little better. This photo shoot was an interesting one,
neither of the kids were their normal photogenic selves.

Livia showing her new ballet shoes from Gma Tanya. She wears them EVERYWHERE and only takes them off when she dresses up as Cinderella. During which, she, of COURSE, needs her Cinderella shoes. Silly girl. :) [Thanks Gma Tanya!]

The kids together, showing their animals. They were SO done with pictures when I took this. Completely distracted by anything in the room at that point. Including Daddy yelling for them to smile because I was getting crap pictures, LOL.

The elephant still matches, which is great, but he's obviously in need of some new stuffing, or at least some more, lol - he's a little deflated. And the Veggie Tales pillows I made for the kids this last Christmas match nicely. No yellow in the bedset but just about every other color matches great. :)

This summer we're going to sand the bunk beds, changing table, and rocking chair down for a new paint job. ;) SO excited.

Enjoy. :)