Friday, May 9, 2008

Snickerdoodles: FAIL.

As my children crunch their tiny teeth through these wonderful chewy cookies turned boiled biscuit I FUME. It frustrates me that I do everything right but because of dumb storage issues, things turn out wrong.

My previous kitchen, in Magna, had a BEAUTIFUL and LARGE kitchen. I could store everything I ever wanted AND more in that kitchen. Yes, the massive amounts of mold throughout the house - only a minor set back. That kitchen made it worth it! Okay, almost.

When we moved to West Jordan I was excited for numerous reason, personal and financial. For one, we were closer to places in GENERAL. There's a reason why our apartment in Magna was labeled "Rural" by UPS... and no, I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that there were more cars on lawns then on the street, more empty vacated buildings then homes, or more horses than people. Maybe the few biker bars down the street or the Hispanic Spanish-speaking bar across the street (EBEN EZER was the name of that place, interesting...) that caused it. Regardless - we weren't rural anymore! We'd be just minutes away from Jordan Landing that had a Walmart, Sam's Club, Aeropostale, Roberts, Payless, Pier 1 (purely for drooling) and RESTAURANTS!

Now, we used to go out once a week, but then in order to go out we had to drive to W. Jordan to drop the kids off at the Wagner's house, and then go to our destination, just a lot of gas to even GET to West Jordan in the first place. So that turned into one date like every month. Now that we're closer it's a lot easier to go out and we've actually found more places off-the-beaten-path that we really like. One being the Thai restaurant, Thai Delight Cafe, that we very frequently take the kids to.

Down the street from Jordan Landing (the opposite direction as home) is Macey's (where we do most of our grocery shopping as of right now, when gas hits $4 a gallon we won't even be driving to the grocery store, LITERALLY, no joke.) and the West Jordan Post Office is right next door to that. Not to mention school and work are immaculately closer.

Funny how I get off topic isn't it?

So the point of all of that is that we are able to do more, transportation wise, and our gas bill has been cut in HALF. And when you're paying $3.49 a GALLON that's no joke. (Oregon's $3.67 and up and I think every time Cam comes home he's telling me that gas went HUGELY higher per barrel that day and I keep telling him... "$4.00 a gallon and we will be walking to Ream's on Saturdays for groceries. I will refuse to drive over to Macey's.")

So - GEEZ, still of topic. FINANCIALLY - better. Plus. Check.

The next was for personal reasons. Take a guess a number one...

DUH - MOLD! Gross it was awful.

Beyond that it was nice to be in a townhome. There's such a huge difference between a 3-bedroom flat and a 3-bedroom townhome. Even if we had gotten a loft, at least it would have felt a little better. Being in this townhome has been an absolute save. It feels so much more like a house, something Cam and I both want so badly, but it also is in a nice ward, good area, and has a GARAGE!

That being said, the kitchen SUCKS.

NO STORAGE, at all. So my wok, muffin pans, cookie sheets, pizza pan, broiler pan, and anything that doesn't fit in my teeny tiny hugely wasted space cabinet in the kitchen, goes outside.

This morning I made Snickerdoodles, was very excited for them (they're my favorite) and put them in to chill for the hour. Well I brought in the cookie sheets a little before I was ready to put them on and in the oven. I rolled the cookies into balls, rolled the balls in cinnamon sugar, and plopped them on the pan. Not only did I suddenly smell burning after leaving the kitchen, but they had only been in for 7 minutes! I opened up the oven and little bit of smoke billowed out and the cookies looked fine on top. I pulled them out anyway and they were BLACK on the bottoms. And by black I mean BLAAAAACCCK. Yes, FAIL black. And shiny, like it had something on it. The cookie sheets looked fine, clean, etc. I have no idea what happened. I scraped them off the sheet, cooled them on a rack and left the room. The rest of the dough went into the fridge again because I will NOT waste valuable Snickerdoodle dough.

I suppose after lunch, when things calm down, I'll scrape and scrub down the sheet again, see if I can get anything off and try again later.

It saddens me to post this. ME not being able to make Snickerdoodles. Blasphemy.