Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A short note about D's SHORT hair, lol.

Duncan's hair has been getting so long SO fast after his trims that I told Cam to take him back to the cut I used to give him when he was a baby. I wasn't expecting him to look SO big afterwards though!

Here's his new short cut, from a 1 to a 3 and Cars Raisins [Thanks Bonnie!] as a treat for being a good boy. :) Granted his hair's not gelled or anything but he's still a cutie. :)

He's still in his PJs, this is right after breakfast this morning, and WOW he's getting hard to catch on camera. He's been running away or as the last photo shows, he thinks smiling WITH teeth means getting REALLY close to the camera to bearing his bottom teeth like some type of puppy, lol.

I'll have to take some more when it's a little gelled and he's wearing clothes rather than an old basketball shirt with blue pj bottoms, lol.

Thanks for looking. :)