Thursday, May 22, 2008


After all this heat we've finally gotten some rain! It's weird because rain in Oregon is so normal. Here, during summer (we moved here well after Spring had ended last year) the rain was rare in Magna but when it came it was in the form of huge blowing thunderstorms. Yesterday and today have been interesting - almost like Oregon. We had the sliding door open in the morning over breakfast and it smelled exactly like my mornings in Oregon.

That random point being made, onto more exciting things. Like my garden, haha. :) I'll be posting some photos I took a couple of weeks ago (I think) and some recent ones I'll get today of how much everything has grown, blows me away. The beans, by far, are doing the best. We've got 4 plants begging to be put into their new place and connected to a cage and one wee one that's just starting out. I think I'll wait until Saturday and hopefully the baby one will have matured a bit and I'll transfer them all. I can WAIT to get beans from these guys. :)

Well, that's my cue, Duncan just smacked Olivia on the head with a Barbie. When I say smack I mean, aimed, swung three times, and then finally got a full-strength hit right on the noggin. Like I said... WWE reruns in this place, I'm telling you...

Off to find the SD card...