Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wednesday Meltdown

So yesterday Olivia had her first meltdown.

We got to preschool, she was fine, did her normal "shy" thing with her two teachers, I chatted for a few minutes with them while Duncan went crazy and dove right in to playing with the other p-schoolers - all was fine. Right before I left I noticed she was playing and said, "Bye Liv!" and waved. Well, normally she just ignores me, sometimes waves, sometimes comes over for a hug. Nothing this time so I scooped up Duncan and headed out the door. Suddenly she was bawling and wrapped around my leg.

I tried to help her back to the classroom and went over and played with her, etc. Nothing was seeming to work. Her friend, Erie, came into class and her teacher said she wanted to play with her. Even Erie couldn't distract her. Finally I made her a deal and I went and sat on the other side of the one way mirror, she went and sat with Erie and played puzzles.

Well after a while, it was close to clean up time, Duncan was having fits because he couldn't go play with the "four-year-olds" as he calls them. So I decided, now would be a good time to go, before she gets undistracted, etc. - the kid LOVES preschool. Apparently, every day but yesterday.

So I left.

Got home about 20 minutes later.

Finally dragged my cranky boy in the house...

... and my phone rings.

It's the school! You can hear Olivia having an absolute FIT in the background. The likes of which she does NOT do in public. She surely has these at least 1-2 times a day at home but for some reason she doesn't do them in public, EVER. (Thank goodness, lol.)

So I go back out to the car, drive back over to the school, go in and you can tell she's been bawling. But the only thing I can get out of her is "I thought you were leaving and not coming back." Which is ridiculous in ANY sense at all considering I'm one of the first parents there every day she has school and I have not ONCE made her wait to be picked up. We come in every afternoon to drop her off, and we go in AGAIN every day after school to pick her up! UGH. Not an easy task mind you with our little future-preschooler who kicks and whines just about every time we have to leave Liv at school. Thank heavens he'll be an easy adjuster, lol.

Anyway, we get her home, she finishes her projects for the day, has a little 5-minute-Princess-petite-sized cry because she didn't get to have the snack that day because she left so early and we had another talk. We decided that on Friday we're going to try and stay out in the lobby, to give her a little more comfort, where she can stare at the glass for 5 minutes and eventually see the outline of an adult standing there, and know I'm still there. I guarentee before the end of the next week she'll want me to leave but for now this little issue at least has a solution.

Grandparents - be looking in your mailboxes soon for a little "preschool" art headed your way soon. She comes home with at least 2 things a day and I've been doing the garage door (from the house to the garage) with magnets and cycling them each day. We have a LOT. Next shipment is soon. :)


Suzanne said...

awww....i so am not looking forward to those days! Good luck girl!