Monday, October 6, 2008

Okay yeah, so I forgot.

Last night it went right by us again. I was so exhausted from all we had accomplished that day I wanted to die. Instead, I just passed out on my husband while watching the news. (I can't stand the news.) I was so out of it, I was dreaming, and finally Cam woke me up to take me up to bed and still I could hardly see straight. But when does a mom of two ever get a good amount of sleep? Let alone one that's pregnant, bleh...

But on the bright side - we are minus one belly shot, but up two family-ish shots. Here's our first family photo.
While I'm sorely disappointed with my "expression" I think the family looks good and all in all it turned out very well. Including Cameron, whom I think is very handsome in this shot. ;)

We also got a shot of just Olivia and I as this will be the last professional shot of the two of us as the only girls.
I like this one much better of the two of us. I wish I could have gotten one of the boys, but I doubt Cameron and/or Duncan would have sat still through more photos. Oh well - I got my family photo! That's what counts! :D

Later on tonight I'll try to get Cam to take a belly shot and I'll post here soon after. Enjoy your days.