Wednesday, October 15, 2008

O51-52: Okay. Yeah. I need to get on it.

My sweet girl, one day you'll grow up and smack me in the shoulder and beg the question: "ONCE A MONTH MOM! You couldn't handle once a MONTH?"

I'll get better.

I hope.

Taken 11.25.04

This little face. I've been seeing a lot of this little face lately because I've been hurriedly transferring the photos documenting your ENTIRE life onto my "I" drive (my external hard drive) so that you and your brother will have photos if for some reason our computer is wiped out. So over and over I've cursed myself for dating things like "060604" Well, to me, I see that's the day you were born. Except that, sitting right next to it is: "060605" Your first birthday. Suddenly 12 months is gone and I'm lost. I didn't discover the wonders of "2004_0606" until sometime later. That way, I can go month by month, small description by description and actually FIND what I'm looking for.

Then of course, we have the ones where I felt the need to label the folder of photos with the date they were DEVELOPED. Why, you ask, are we opening Christmas presents on January 13th? BECAUSE MOMMY IS A DO-DO HEAD.

I got the mess sorted out, and SO FAR, I've got from your Aunt Brinsley's soccer game on November 1st, 2003 to Christmas 2005 (you were 1-1/2 then) at Papa's house. Not too shabby. But organized none the less.

Wonderful example of the new found organization. Taken 12.25.05

I'm continuing to work on this day by day. Duncan's semi involved as I'm pregnant in these Christmas photos and beginning to show. (Don't worry D, I've got plenty of embarrassing photos coming for you.)

You quickly grew from that teeny tiny girl in embroidered, semi cotton, wannabe-linen shirts to where you are now. For some reason, much like my photo organization, your little face remained little until you suddenly grew up and hit Preschool. Yet... you still manage to look the same in so many ways.

Taken 09.03.08

Okay more teeth, more hair, bigger bows... all that good "grown up" stuff.

Down to business.

This month, and last month, I've been mentally preparing for baby. It's been an interesting task but it has definitely come to a HUGE visual point as we have the crib up again. Soon we'll be to IKEA for bedding, curtains, wall decor, etc. I'm excited, and I know that you are as well, to get all this fun stuff for your roo

During preparation we pulled out some baby clothes and you immediately saw all of the outfits you wore for the first few weeks of life. Oh wait. Only ONE fit. :) You put them on Baby Chou Chou and took her to Preschool for show and tell. I realize now I should have sent you with this photo as well, if only for the amusement on Miss Denise and Miss Debby.

Taken 06.13.04

Yes. You were VERY tiny.

Preschool has definitely opened you up though. You're excited every day to go, you always participate, complete all of your artwork, sing the songs, sit on the rug, etc. You're a good girl and you listen (minus the times where you feel like continuing to color and most likely just to poke at your teachers), we're very proud of you.

Every night when your Daddy gets home, the two of you go over what you learned that day. I'm so glad he wants to be involved and enjoys helping you remember all of your material. He's been incredibly busy with work and school and all that he does for us and it means a lot to me (and to you, I'm sure) that he takes the time to do this with you.

You had your first field trip last week on Monday, we went to the Sandy Fire Station and after a few bumps of shyness you had a fantastic time.

Taken 10.06.08

You still own a suffocating amount of dresses, but have grown mature enough - most likely from experience - to know that here in Utah, it's not as much fun to PRETEND it's warm outside. When momma says it's 34 degrees, she's NOT KIDDING and you put pants on without a fuss. It, of course, helps when they involve flowers, princesses, or other pink accessories. Along with your new staple: the pink Nikes from Mimi in Oregon.

It's hard to find new things other than the basics to write about each month. You get older as time moves on but you definitely haven't changed that much... you're still the same sweet little girl, plus a few hormones here and there, as you always were.

And one days you'll read this and be horribly embarrassed by the fact that I publicly leaked the fact that you snorted right after your first cry when you were born and I knew, without a doubt, that you were our Olivia. :)

And you wouldn't be, if I managed not to hear about this.

So, please, don't let me down. ;)


Suzanne said...

awww, how very special! She'll be embarrassed but thankful as she gets older as well! Very nice!

harpgirl said...

so sweet! :)