Monday, October 6, 2008

20 weeks and 6 days.

Thar we be... also shows how happy I am now that I have new maternity pants to wear rather than regular size jeans that "fit" so well! So well, in fact, that Baby G loved to find them and kick at them shortly after they were buttoned across the middle of my belly, LOL.

Oh so THAT'S why we wear maternity... so our babybeans don't kick at our pants all day. Who'd have thought! :D


Anonymous said...

You look so adorable! I wish I looked cute preggers :(

Suzanne said...

i'm agreeing with you harps! cute as always! i hate buying maternity i have a bella band that allows me to wear my reg pants unbuttoned if i need to. I bought one pair of maternity pants...and they are too small already! :0