Monday, October 13, 2008

22 weeks tomorrow, folks!

Well beyond the red-ish nose and candy-cane colored socks (*smack*) this is a good shot of the bean and some growth. :) I'm 21 weeks and 5 day in this photo and DEAD tired. I got sick and it's been a disaster from there. My guess is a sinus infection from allergies due to the change of weather - also known as SNOW in OCTOBER. Yeah... REALLY.

It was so cold this weekend - highs of 40 which I honestly don't think we ever hit over 38 in West Jordan - we caved and ran the heater from Friday Saturday night through this morning, set to probably around 70 degrees. Surprisngly enough it really hardly ever clicked on but the little bit of heat definitely took the edge off - especially when we're all feeling like crap. UGH, one of those busy crazy weekends.

I ended up going to church alone just to sit with my class through Sharing Time in Primary and then teaching my class during the second hour. It went well but literally, EVERY kid had something wrong. Coughs, sneezes, etc. But, with the weather it doesn't surprise me.

We're definitely skipping Fall this year unfortunately. I miss it already. What happened to my jacket weather? My non-PARKA weather?


harpgirl said...

OOOHHHH! Your poor nose looks so sore!