Monday, January 19, 2009

The Adventures of Olivia

So, as usual, Olivia has been finding new ways to get herself into distress. What else is there for a damsel to do?

Here's her latest:

How, you ask? NO idea. She did this while I was on the phone with Cameron who was on his way home from work. I had to have him hold on while I crawled onto Duncan's bed and arched my back in attempts to allow her to use my back as a step to start shimmying herself up (you have to be creative when you can't just climb up top and lift her out, pregnancy has it's issues, lol). Well this proved to be useless, I apparently wasn't tall enough for her to have a real footing on my back and she was still stuck.

Laughing, I informed Cam and he told me I'd probably have to leave her for the next 5-7 minutes until he was able to finally get home and that he would come pull her out. That's when the shrieking started of, "MOOOOOOOOMMMMM! I have to go POTTY!"

I did the math in my head and realized the amount of exertion it would take me to scale the ladder-less bunk bed and pull her out myself was probably equal to the amount of unhealthy stress I would be fuming later as I was scrubbing the wall, Duncan's bed, the trim and carpet below... not to mention whatever else happened to have been shoved under the bed in the last week or so, LOL.

Needless to say, this thought process took a lot longer to type out then it did to act out. She ran to the bathroom afterwards and no one had any headache-inducing cleaning to do. Another day saved, lol. :)


Suzanne said...

omg! that's too funny...she's so cute though!