Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Morning [part 2]

Ohhh... must get these done! I've been lagging. Here are more, enjoy!

Here they are opening their presents that we were the most excited for. :) Woody and Jessie dolls! They love them. I've got some photos I'll post soon of Duncan and his Woody doll outside in the snow "shoveling with Daddy" - such a helper. :)

Honestly. How does he do it? Every time.

Cameron apparently felt the need to take a photo of me directing wrapping paper disposal. Surprise surprise.

More scrappy stuff! Yay! :)

Cam and his new slingshot monkey. :) He has too much fun with this one. Literally. ;)

Boots from Tanya! Thanks Tanya! (My first pair! Well, okay, besides the ones I wore in 2nd grade, pink cowboy boots with pink tassles... how about my first SANE pair of boots?)

Goldfish Crackers from Gma Bonnie and Gpa Bill! Thanks!

More LOTR movies. :)

Olivia's "Sleeping Beauty" church dress from Gma Tanya! She LOVES it! Thanks!

Duncan announcing "BOOTS!" as he pulled the gift out of the box, lol. From Gma Tanya, thanks! :)

Daddy and his BIG present. :)

Craftsman Tool chest! :)

Wow, okay - Christmas morning is done. :-P Phew!

Back to more normal blogging tomorrow!