Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hair cut... need opinions...

Getting my hair cut and styled for Mother's Day... I'm thinking this look. Any thoughts?

I'm about this length now, M.M. has a round face like me, and my hair color's a little lighter.

It would basically end up being a trim, layers, maybe some more "fringe" as the kids call it these days (i.e. bangs). Whhheeeelll? Likey? No likey?


smilingcarriester said...

Mel-I think it would work, just leave your bangs longer, and keep the layers in front longer too--it also might be fun to have it shorter in back...kind of changes the whole idea though...hmm...maybe I'm not much help and don't have a good picture of what I mean to show you, but longer layers are always easier to grow out and pull back, just in case...but I ALWAYS think a haircut is a great idea! :)