Friday, April 25, 2008

"Focus Liv! When I'm talking to you, listen to ME, NOT Diego!"

Did you ever think in your adult life you'd say that to another person? Yikes.

I went downstairs with Liv to get the kids breakfast. What I found instead of Duncan playing with his cars was Duncan playing with a stick of butter in an empty cracker box that Cam must have left on the counter this morning. How a stick of butter in an empty cracker box is more exciting... I'm not sure. I'm just thanking my lucky stars that the combination of...

butter + empty box > butter + Daddy's new TV

When you're a mother, inequalities take on a whole new meaning...

After watching a "Beatles" episode of Wonderpets with the kids, I've decided I NEED that episode on tape, it is SO cute. It is pretty sad though that while watching I could pick out the actor's voices and tell which Beatle was supposed to be which. Very cute idea though, glad I got to catch it. :)

I think I'll write more later. I feel pressed for time. Not sure why, most likely will be on again.