Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Trip // November 22-23: Elephant Ears & Car Cakes

Saturday we decided what we wanted to do for the afternoon and landed on Dad's suggestion of Saturday's Market. My kids have never been, Cam's never been, and I have been in a LONG time. I curse myself now for not bringing my camera (no one else did either, I checked) and I would have had some wonderful shots! Duncan rode on Dad's shoulders for a while, Olivia was glued to Tanya and just about every jewelry or butterfly adorned booth - they had a great time. Dad (Papa) bought Elephant ears and later on Quinoa bagels from a VERY good bakery and we all had a good time.

Sunday we all got ready and headed to church. We arrived in McMinnville on the 23rd after Sacrament at Dad's ward. Grammy had a surprise for Duncan - a racecar cake! She was very excited to show him after our faux-Thanksgiving dinner (which was delish! yum!) and he of course then wanted to eat it. :)

Here are some shots, my camera wasn't enjoying the lighting we were in, excuse that, will ya?

He was so excited for that cake. Detour to some Mimi & Livy photos while Gma finds a knife to
cut the cake...

(Sidney helping Liv smile, lol.)

Got the knife. And our serious face on.

Kisses from Grammy. :)

Devouring the cake with Auntie Brinny - Gma made wheels out of little chocolate cookies and Duncan LOVED them, they were super soft and, of course, chocolate! He loves chocolate. :)

From the time we walked through the door my sisters and Mom had Liv making faces. I don't think I got any of the "surprised" or "scared" faces but plenty of the evil scary mad-Livy faces... of course. Like I needed more of THOSE.

Suddenly, so serious.

And, thanks to Didi, back to giggly. :)

More tomorrow!