Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The NEW set of happiness.

After finding a deal in a VIP Family & Friends ad for a new Washer and Dryer set from Sears, Cam got hooked... we've been having problems with our washer for the past couple of months and it's simply a matter of old age. There's no way that we'd be able to fix or replace any parts without ending up paying more than it was worth and we both knew it was time for a new one. So, upon further issues with Sears (surprise, surprise!) we went to Lowe's for a Price Match. I'm not going to go into that story as it causes massive amounts of stresses and nightmares about the seemingly thousands of Lowe's stores in the Salt Lake area that I called Thursday night. (Okay, more like seven.)

Regardless, Cam stepped up to the plate, raised his bat, and magically Lowe's began to open up. I have to admit... sometimes he is JUST RIGHT. Being nice may not work, sometimes you have to call corporate. Which is exactly what he did, he spoke to the Executive Secretary of the CEO of Lowe's and she immediately told him he was correct - they DID need to Price Match, that they WOULD Price Match, and she would be calling the West Jordan Lowe's store and that he should expect a call in the next 24 hours.

He got one. They directed us to Murray as they didn't have a set in stock, on the floor. He went to Murray, and actually spoke FACE TO FACE with the person there who had heard the story from the West Jordan Lowe's guy, who had been told by the CEO's Executive Secretary.

This is where the differences between Cam and I really shine through. Cam's all about follow through and doing what your policy says, etc. I'm all about being overly nice, acting as a doormat, and crying. So basically, he went in and regardless of the crap they gave him or the uncomfortable joking banter back and forth from the manager, he did what he went there to do and brought that bacon home.


I would have cried into the bacon out of anxiety and not-being-nice-enough-ness and therefore ruined the bacon by raising its salt content.

I'm glad Cam was there and not me. Cause I would have come home to the pogo-stick-utilizing washer and cried. Into metaphorical bacon.

Wow. This went way off course.

Point being - Daddy brought home a new washer and dryer! Here are our new Samsung babies.

After taking the 205 lb washer upstairs with the help of our Home Teacher, Lance Butler, Cameron deemed the washer "The Behemoth". Olivia woke up and changed that to "Snow White".

The dryer was sort of no-name since after lifting the 205 lb dryer up the two half-flights of stairs, the 125 lb dryer felt like air. :) Olivia deemed this one (DUH) "Prince Charming".


They make doing laundry seem like dancing the Tango. And oh do I ever love shoving my face into my newly cleaned warm smellygood laundry.

Did I mention they sing?

Oh YES. At the end of each cycle the dryer beeps out a little tune, at which point we all grow silent to hear it sing its little song. The children stop playing and come dancing out of their room.

Could I have asked for a better machine? I don't think it would even be possible.