Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spaghetti a la Preschool

Tell me this boy doesn't belong in a Spaghetti Sauce commercial... ahh how I love my new D60. Makes dinnertime very entertaining. ;)

Interesting how the one horizontal shot changed so much just by the turn of the camera, these were all taken on the same "Child" setting, which I LOVE, and this one allowed more light. As you can see, because we continued on in vertical shots, I love the darker contrast that the verticals created. Nonetheless - this boy could not get ANY cuter. :)


The same night we had the crazy spaghetti dinner was also the night for Olivia's preschool Orientation. Unfortunately, Daddy had to miss it, as Wednesdays are our we-miss-daddy-days, he has a math and business class that brings him home a little before 10pm. So we decided to call Daddy before we left for Orientation. :)

Here's Livy chatting with Daddy in her new special skirt made just for tonight at her new BIG GIRL school. :) It's a circle skirt so twirling becomes a new hobby instantly. :)

Duncan joining in the fun... neither of them were particularly photogenic, of course. And Liv's in that stage where you can't get a REAL smile out of her to save your life... at least she's cute. :)

More later, I promise! :)

(Including BELLY shots!)

(No, not the alcoholic kind. This is a family [and pregnancy] friendly blog!)