Monday, June 2, 2008

daily junk.

So for anyone interested and for my sanity next year when I attempt to figure out when we went camping and when Duncan made silly faces while eating his rice, the jumble of events is as follows:

May 25 - Camping
May 28 - Duncan says hi to Auntie Mandy (pathetic note: I START the Mandy & Dunc page.)
May 28 - Duncan eats like a crazy person.
May 28 - Liv copies.
May 30 - Duncan says hi to Aunt Bee, which doesn't really work. But it's oh so cute. :)
June 1 - I finish the scrapbook page of Mandy & Dunc.
TODAY - My lazy butt posts a photo.

Videos are converting on Vimeo as we speak.

Patience my child... patience.