Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Photos from Easter

The Saturday before Easter Sunday we had an Easter Egg Hunt! The West Jordan park right across from the library was having a hunt sponsored by Gene Fullmer. (I think...) Anyway, they had a GREAT time. Liv was a little frustrated because they had more candy on the ground "hidden" then they did actual plastic eggs. She got over it by eating the candy... :D

Here they are before the hunt. Both are wearing shirts from Gma Bonnie and I made that bow for her headband the night before from some ribbon that came in the Easter package for the kids from Bonnie as well. :) Thanks Bonnie!

Liv looking discouraged... "Where are the EGGS, MOM!!"

Duncan hunting. :)

Notice the HUGE pile of candy in his bucket? Daddy helped when the hunt started... ;)

Wanting to hold my hand.

Livy and Daddy coming back through the crowd. Liv had Daddy hold her basket so she could two-hand scoop candy and eggs into it, lol. :)

On Sunday, after church, the kids came home to find that - the EASTER BUNNY CAME! This is the point where Liv finally realized what the cotton was all over the floor, lol. :)

Following the trail and picking up the cotton as we go... :)

Going together. :)

Liv's Easter dress and Duncan's outfit were also sent from Oregon by Gma Bonnie. Thanks!

Out to the garage, and...

... the BASKETS!

Duncan carrying his Easter present inside, a Cars puzzle!

Looking through the baskets and playing with Puzzles, Liv's is a Princess Numbers puzzle.

Duncan and more Cars. :)

Yesterday the kids were watching "Larry" from VeggieTales together and they were being so cute. Of course they stopped when I got out the camera but I did get this shot, SO sweet. :) Duncan even let Liv borrow his Superman pillow to use while they watched. Such cute big kids.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and that you at least indulged on a LITTLE bit of candy. :) I know I did! The Easter Bunny brought me some Swedish Fish and I have been baking up storms here, myself. :) Banana muffins, Apple Brownies in muffin form for breakfast, Muddy Buddies, Chexcrispies... the list is endless.

From our family to yours, Happy (Belated) Easter! :)