Thursday, August 23, 2007

disneyMOON <3

Downtown Disney
LEGO store

Rainforest Cafe

Outside California Adventure

Disneyland Day #1

[character sighting]
Jessie, me, Cam, and Woody

Driving through Autopia

The "been there, done that" shot :-D

California Adventure Day #2
Grizzly River Run
(unfortunately you can't see how soaked we were...)

One of my favs ;-)

Outside of Monsters, Inc. <(o)>

Tower of Terror
(No, we didn't go. I was too chicken.)

Disneyland Day #2
It's a Small World


[character sighting]
Me, Goofy, and Cam

[character sighting]
Me, Minnie, and Cam

In Minnie Mouse's house <3

In Mickey Mouse's house

[character sighting]
Cam, Mickey, and me

a goofy scarecrow ;-)

[character sighting]
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), me, Cam, and Mulan

[character sighting]
Snow White, me, and Cam

[character sighting]
Cam, Pocahontas, and me

[character sighting]
Mary Poppins, me, and Dick Van Dyke? [haha]

On our third ride through Indiana Jones we got stuck -
right as the ball is supposed to roll onto us,
so we had this HUGE ball above us rolling, it was awful, lol -
and one of our neighbors on the ride took this shot. :-)

@ Denny's for Dinner
We raced to see who could finish and,
believe or not, I beat Cam by a few bites.
I don't think I have ever eaten that much food.
MAN - I thought I was going to explode for the rest of the night. :-P

Disneyland Day #3
Our last Mickey Garden photo

Castle lit up at night - good shot, huh? :-)

Cammie being silly while waiting for the
Disneyland Railroad

We got to go home to our babies! :-)
Here's Liv in her new Minnie ears with her Nemo pamphlet


With his Mickey ears and new Mickey :-)

Goofball, as usual.

The End