Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Liv's Birthday Party

Here are Liv's birthday photos with Cameron's family.
These were taken at our new apartment. :-)

I like how the girl gives Danine a big smile - try and find ONE smile for me in the next photos, lol. Not ONE. Mimi Wagner's just got the touch I guess. :-)

"Tacos" from Danine & Bruce

A new drawing board (YAY!) from Danine & Bruce

Fun "am-ball-ance" from Danine & Bruce for Duncman

Livy opening the Barbie Cards from Gma Cole & Aunt Robin

Books from Mommy & Daddy

More books from Mommy & Daddy

Yeah yeah, we like books, okay?
More books from Mommy & Daddy
(really... we did get her other things as well.)

Opening her present from Angela & Curtis :-)
(Cousins Jordan & Kyla by her side)


Opening present from Brandon & Jessica

Clippies! YAY! :-)

Showing Momma her Barbie

Big girl by her two cakes
(we have a BIG family on Daddy's side) :-D

Daddy lighting the candles! Happy birthday 3-year-old!