Friday, August 29, 2008

spag... oops, out of time.

I was going to post some lovely shots of my son at dinner on Wednesday night but unfortunately I think I may be out of luck until next week which will lead us into September! I did get his newsletter posted but today is going to be so busy. I might be able to do some work on here this evening, we'll have to see.

Plan for this weekend is camping, horray! (And Dad Wagner's birthday, horray horray!)

Plan for today is grocery, errand running, bike dropping off-ing, insanity.

More later.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

D29-30: Curious Boy gets curious...

My beautiful -ahem- handsome baby boy.You have grown so much in the past few months, especially these last two. Suddenly you began speaking more, new words every day. Your love of Larryboy or Larry or anything to do with Veggie Tales, has only further convinced me that we're going to have many favorite "boy things" as the years go by.

But the one thing that's always been a favorite of yours and will always be... is the bath. You love bubble baths. :) Of course ever since Ang & Curtis bought you the bathtub basketball hoop set I think the love has only increased.

Beyond your bath, one thing that's lasted into your quickly maturing years is your Chester Cheeto grin that reminds me SO much of your Uncle Daniel. He's still on his mission for a little less than a year and while you loved him when he was home before his mission, I can't wait to see the two of you in action again and hearing the two of you play and you TALKING back to him!

You're also potty training and doing a fantastic job. Most kids take a while to adjust, you on the other hand have been around the bend a few times before. When you were just barely two years old we bought you panties and you loved to wear them and go potty in the toilet. It lasted a week. The next time Daddy was so proud and encouraging and even bought you your beloved Thomas the Train panties - again, lasted about a week. But this time you've apparently decided there's no going back and you've been marching on like a trooper and determined. (Of course, Daddy's new promise of shheeee-reck or Cars panties always helps, haha.)

We wear panties to the store, to the library, while camping, and you cry each night when I tell you it's time to wear your diaper for nighttime. Daddy always compromises and lets you wear your panties OVER your diaper, somehow that makes it better with you though. Daddy always has the best ideas. :)

Taken by Cam

When we all originally moved to Utah a little over a year ago, you and Liv were obsessed with the movie Shrek. We watched it at least once a day and almost always more than that on a normal day. Just recently we've brought it back out and you're always so excited to watch "Shheeeee-reck!" You love to make noises to match the noises on the movie. Thus the adorable pursed lips above. :D

Taken by Cam

Your typical Cheeto grin disappears when Daddy gets out the camera and I'm always happy to find shots he's taken because you can just see the absolute pure happiness in your eyes as your Daddy plays and tickles you to get you to smile for him.

I'm so happy that we're blessed enough to have such a wonderful man in our lives and I hope that you'll follow him as an example in your life so that you too can turn out to be such a wonderful man and father to your very own children one day.

We love you, Monkeyboy, and we're so proud of you. I say "we" because as Momma I get to talk for Daddy too, it's a wonderful part of motherhood. ;) Besides - anyone who looks at the two of you together would be crazy to not think Daddy felt the same way, and he does. We both love you very much and look forward to being with you each day as you continue to grow up. :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

family yoga, almost.

This morning as I was doing my yoga for pregnancy (so chic, lol) my kids woke up and came down to join me. Livy would ask funny questions but loved playing and lifting her arms during the positions.

I think my favorite part though, in the beginning, was when Olivia decided to voice her opinion on one of the video hosts' appearance. The woman has very interesting teeth, gray super short hair and an older bone structure, making her look: "Mom... that lady is like a super old Grandma lady."

Shortly thereafter we were sitting and centering and the younger host says we're going to sit with legs crossed and "place you hands on your lower abdomen, breathing in and up through your chest feeling it expand. When you exhale, send that energy back down through your body and to your baby." Well, when she's sitting next to me I try to focus on only me and yoga, etc. I know she's safe and probably looking silly next to me, so I don't look cause I know my concentration will go out the window - I've already got Duncan laying all over me during the whole thing, lol. So I hear this sort of "uuughhhh" noise from Liv and she says:

"Mom, uhhm... I just don't have a baby in my tummy. Do I need to put my hands on my tummy?"

"Well maybe you can just pretend. Or you can just put your hands there. Either way."

"... but there's no baby."

"I know."

"Well what about the super old Grandma lady, does SHE have a baby?"

Ohh... my. The things these kids come up with. Hilarious.

Duncan liked to bug us at the very end during "Relaxation" by squealing "wwwwaaaaaake upppp!" and "nnooooo sleeeeeeping!" Very entertaining. Liv would whine and say "Duncan SHHHTOP! I'm trying to relax-a-shin."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Livyboo - getting older.

Liv's starting school on the 3rd of September - ACK! When did she get so old? It's just crazy. But she will be in Orientation for Preschool on Wednesday, and then the following Wednesday (the 3rd) is her first day! Such a sweetie poo.

Gag me, geez, I need to stop with the poos and boos.

Anywho - I'm here with my lap covered in a soft green knit littered with white daises and preparing to make her a cute little circle skirt for her first day! I need to look for some knit with blue butterflies as that is her class' little symbol.

Wish us luck for Wednesday and I'll be adding more later tonight on preschool and Duncan as well. :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

lazy daisy.

It seems as the days drag on I feel like I'm counting the days of each week of pregnancy less and less... of course, I'm still not quite to 15 weeks yet and still jumpy as a jitterbug - regardless of it all - I have been SLACKING MAJORLY. And not even on the important stuff... how weird is that?

I've cleaned toilets, swept floors, vacuumed more times than I have fingers to count, wiped mirrors, scrubbed counters, swept porches, watered flowers - I've DUSTED this week for heaven's sake! It's all apart of my new little routine I have going to take over the housework with Cam being gone and when home, incredibly busy with homework from school and online meetings for his DL classes online. Been a busy week and there was only *1* day of in-school class, haha. But we're making it. :)

The point of this banter is simply that I've been so engrossed on what my toilets are looking like, and whether or not I can force myself to mop before passing out in bed each night, I've been completely ignoring my poor little blog. I promise once I get into this routine a little easier (much like Monday when I completed my morning tasks plus half of my afternoon tasks all before the morning ones were scheduled to be done) I'll be able to slip in a few things that I couldn't before.

I also pledge to keep the dadgum camera DOWNSTAIRS. You know, so I'll USE it. Dumb Kodak sneaking around on me. That way I'll have fun things to post and hopefully some interesting side photos for you all to click.

Well... off to the grind again I suppose, I'll update the "funnies" and "day in the life" before I go but please - be patient with me! And YES, I know poor little D-man hasn't had his monthly newsletter yet. :( Poor man, I'll probably try to get shots of him today and post them and his newsletter next Monday? We'll have to see!

Wish me luck and grant me PATIENCE! (Both for you to wait for posts, and for me to stay sane.) ;D

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Couldn't resist...

My sister just left this in a comment on my MySpace!

He's driving. How funny is THAT?

Nawwwwty procrastinating momma.

I've been so busy with myself lately, and trying to kick myself to get a bunch of bows done for the etsy site, that I haven't been blogging events as they've happened.

If you've noticed the song that plays, Oh My Love by John Lennon, when you scroll down onto the blog it's in honor of my 1-year Anniversary with my handsome husband, Cameron. We had a fun time a little early and took an over-nighter trip to Park City. We snagged an AWESOME little hotel room and got a great deal since technically, no snow means off season. :)

Here are some shots:

(Just kidding, I'll edit this later and add them... Cameron hasn't uploaded them yet from his phone.)

But at the top was right before we went to dinner the Saturday before the 10th, the 10th was a Sunday and we don't go out to dinner on Sundays. We had a fun time and we exchanged gifts as well. I got a watch from Cam, and some stationary, from Target. Cameron also got a watch, lol, from me!I orginally had a really nice Coleman watch picked out and purchased for him but when we took it home and he tried it on, it was too small. :( We went back to Target, exchanged it, and he chose this Mossimo one instead, still very nice and he says the fit is perfect.

The kids had fun with Brin while we were gone...

Hopefully, this will be one of the last diaper shots you'll see of Duncan... cross your fingers! It's sad because he is OH so cute... but the time has come. He's been diaper free (well except nighttime) for 4 days now! Doing fantastic and I'm so proud of him. :)

PS: Liv's haircut - pretty cute, huh? :)

BBQ @ the Park

We went to the park by our house with the play structure and enclosure with a picnic table on Tuesday to have a fun little BBQ with just us and Brin. It was fun until the bees started popping in on the party but I did get some fun pictures and yummy food. We baked up some curly fries, my famous baked beans, and polish sausages for us, hot dogs for the kids. The bees were particularly fond of the hot dogs, lol.

Unfortunately, my camera was dying and did die after a few shots. But here are the cute ones I was actually able to get. :)

Here's Olivia and her new bike, which is apparently almost
as tall as she is! Brinsley and I took the kids on their bikes and
Cam drove the truck over with the portable grill and
food I had made ahead of time.

Here are the kids playing with a chain that used to be chained
to a second picnic table... where is that table? No idea...

Livy on the playground.
(Mimi sent us this cute pink tunic top, Liv likes it.) :)

Kids running to Brinny.
(My mind is screaming: "The HIIIIIILLLLLS are ALIIIIIIIVE!")

Say it with me: "Awwwww..."

We had a good time and I wish I would have thought to check the batteries on the camera, darn it. But I did get some cute shots and there's always next time. But I think we'll head to a less-tagged, less-beehived park. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

O49-50: The continuing birthday and plans

Even after your birthday, you continued to go on and on about what you WANTED for your birthday. I tried to explain to you that your next birthday wasn't for another year but you refused to listen. And so the planning began for your next birthday.

But not really.

You've been doing a great job with your bike. Suddenly being just a little further off of the ground on this new bike you have a new fear of going "too" fast. Too fast meaning anything faster than having to pump as hard as you can on your pedals while going merely an inch. Daddy lowered your seat to help as much as we could but you'll get used to it eventually.

Being 4 has hardly changed you a bit, imagine that. The bedtime crisis has begin since June but suddenly you've decided you enjoy food and you like EATING it with the family! It certainly makes meals easier. To my disbelief you ate Sloppy Joes last night. I nearly died. Of course you decided that cooked tomatoes are not as good as fresh tomatoes and you picked them out but you ATE Sloppy Joes.

Brinsley is here for 3 weeks this month and before she got here you would not shut up about her coming. Every day we had to save the last fruit snack, save the last drink of juice, save a stuffed animal for when she sleeps here, etc. It was very sweet how much you anticipated your Auntie's arrival and even got Duncan to practice saying her name.

You're gaining more and more opinions about what we do during the day and your routine for bedtime is beginning to help. I have no doubt you're half to maybe a little more of the motivation for Duncan to continue coming out of his room every 10 minutes but you do at least stay in your bed. :)

You love to read books, going to the library is the highlight of our week. Not to mention the cycle of Barbie Mariposa, Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus, and of course the available Princess movies, Dora movies, etc. That's by far your favorite thing to watch though - Barbie! She's become a new interest for sure.

You've worked very hard with your piano book that Great Gma Cole has sent you and you can play many of the songs all by yourself matching the numbers and colors to the various keys. You know the black notes are for the black keys and while you use everything from your right hand to your left foot, you recognize the Treble Clef and know that you should be using your right hand to play - but you're definitely not one to conform. :)

Daddy and I are so proud of you and can't believe how far we've come. You may still have a lot of attitude in you (surprise surprise, I can just HEAR Mimi thinking that...) but we're very proud of all that you do. You're very excited for a new baby brother or sister and ask about how big the baby is and what it's eating, if it can hear you, all the typical questions. You're favorite thing to inform me of is simply that we ARE having twins and that one will be a girl named Dora, and the other will be a boy named Diego. Cameron thanks his lucky stars every day that your prediction has not proved to be accurate thus far.

Such a silly girl. :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

The B has arrived.

Safe and sound, all is well. :) We've been having fun even though my life isn't terribly interesting and active, I know she likes being with the kids. Even Andrew's warmed up to "Binny".

I flaked out last month with severe writerblogger's block and didn't do the kids newsletters last month, so this month I will do both July and August for both of the kids. MONDAY, hold me to it!

In other news, I'm gearing up to do a collaboration with one of my friends I've known for quite a while from the San Diego area. Her store, has HUGE success and I LOVE the things she sells - and it's her 3rd Anniversary with her store! :)

I know that if I were to put some initial cost of starting, fabric, supplies, nanny for the children (haha) - I too could do such wonderful things with my little WAHM business but I just don't have it in me at this time. Especially with watching Andrew Thursdays and Fridays and also with (insert another invalid excuse for continued non-effort.) Naw... it's not that bad. ;) But I am really amazed at the beautiful things she creates and sells and I am so excited to be working along side, in a sense, for this little bit of time. :) Check her out! Here's her blog. :)

Anywho, it's getting me to make some moves myself and I'll be doing some bow, and possibly other things, creations today and list them on the site since it has been ages since I stocked last. Phew.

More later perhaps. Tomorrow will be a BUSY day. Beyond the regular shopping and store hopping, we've got the Zoo, dinner for the kids & Brin, and then we're off to our Anniversary Dinner. :) Busy busy day!

Monday, August 4, 2008

The time has come!

Well, friends and family (and random web visitors) - Cameron and I have an announcement to make...

We're pregnant!

Yeah, orange. Weird color pick, haha. Yellow wouldn't show very well and pink or blue would reference to the sex of the baby but we don't know that much yet. :) Baby is healthy, mom is doing well and getting over (FINALLY) the long mornings of nausea, lasting all day, and sometimes into the evenings. I still get a little bit in the mornings but we're surviving.

Today, Monday, we are 3 months! The due date is February 16th, 2009 - yes, interesting timing, adding to all the February birthdays we already have! Duncan's birthday is the 7th, mine is the 24th, and I believe we have 4 OTHER birthdays in February on the Wagner side as well! So it'll be a busy month but we can't wait to meet our little one. :)

So here's the poll for this post...

Baby's first heartbeat (11 weeks and 2 day) was 168 - girl or boy? :)