Friday, April 25, 2008

keee kurrr?

Here's a nice little homey video, lol.

And of course, what girl would be girl without her parade of toys acting out some dramatic scene? Here's Liv and hers...

On the other side of news, the ADULT not speaking in tongues side, I finished my book last night! Read over 200 pages in one day. No scoffing, use to read up to 6 books at a time when I was in junior and highschool, but then I had babies. And time suddenly fluttered away before my eyes, lol. Anywho, wonderful book. Be sure to check it out. :)

I may even go return it today or tonight and get a new one. We're going out to Chinese tonight down on 78th S and the Library is down past there, maybe we'll stop off. Ballot #2, wow, maybe I'll win a $15 gift certificate. ;)